story builders

story builders

Unveil your adventure

Tell a Tale of Epic Proportions

It's Hard to See the Forest Through the Trees

As the expert, you are often too close. It is important to approach a story with simplicity, stability and unexpectedness.

We work with you to understand the construct of the narrative, then break it down into simple and digestible pieces as we sprinkle in a pinch of unexpected creative twists. Our visual storytelling capabilities have aided countless executives, from Fortune 100 companies to small business owners, as they seek to share their value story.




Writing Composition & Scripting

Never the witless, come witness our writing.
We work hand-in-hand with you or your staff experts to unveil the hidden narrative buried in the vast caverns of immense intellect. Always starting with outlines to grasp the entirety of complex concepts, the creatives at C3 build stories, scripts and content for varying media outlets: websites, brochures, videos and advertisements.

Storyboard Development

Frame by frame, breathing life into stories.
The traditions of old still ring true when compositing a story. Our pencil storyboard methodology allows for an iterative approach to swiftly constructing visual narratives with resounding quality. Whether building an adventurous tale for children or explaining complex concepts to corporate audiences, you can be sure your ideas are in the right crafty hands.

Motion Graphic Animation

Stunning visuals to accompany tall tales.
Using motion graphics can visually stimulate your story, allowing complex scenarios to be grasped by simplifying the message for any audience. We work with subject matter experts to replicate accurate depictions, build compelling training courses or develop engaging explainer videos that stand the test of time.