Chris Brancato

CEO & Founder


I am an artist. If it all boils down to one thing, let it be that. 

My creative ambition has been cultivated from birth and embeds passion into everything I do or any task assigned. When I take on a project/communication/strategy, I cannot simply carry it to completion, I strive towards perfection and put my all into my work. My list of skills is ever growing as I see no limit to the things that can be accomplished in life, and I never hesitate to learn more or help others achieve their goals (but if you must know, see my current skill set below). 

I am an idea man, a strategist, a futurist and an achiever. I am an encourager, a leader and a lover. I wear my heart on my sleeve and take every opportunity to encourage and lift others up when I see them excel, but never hesitate to be straightforward and honest when I see a product or process that needs improvement or further development. 

My goal in life is to make a global impact. I have no desire to see my name in lights, but just knowing that I was part of something revolutionary will grant me the ability to look myself in the mirror one final time and know peace.

With over a decade of experience designing communications and campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, I warmly bring tremendous creative value and experience. 


Presentation Design100%
Brand Strategy90%
Creative Ideation100%
WordPress 85%
Product Design85%