package champs

package champs

Extraordinary Art

Compelled Out of the Ordinary Canvas

Winners at the First Glance

You only have a matter of seconds to attract the eye of your target consumer.

Working with Creative Corner Consulting you will be sure that your product stands out on the shelf — others won’t be able to compete. The level of quality and attention to detail we pour into every artistic design will elevate your brand, grab hold of your customer and launch your product to success.

Food & Beverage


Health & Pharma

Artfully Edible Delights

Food and beverage packaging requirements can be tough to boil down.
Our tender approach balances the scales of meaningful design with government requirements and warnings for food and beverage packaging. We find inspiration from the product you sell and tastefully create enchanting illustrations that deliver additional flavor. When you supplement your amazing product with our package design, the customer discovers true delight.

Merchandise Maniacs

Products that pack a serious punch and pop off the shelf, every single time.
Customers are often loyal to the brands they know. Getting them to change their ways as they reach for the best product is a task we thrive on. Manipulating the desires of consumers with a beautifully promising package will close the sale and ensure that not one eye glances over your product. The last 18” the customer travels with an outstretched arm is a critical point. Work with us and be sure that they will always veer towards your marvelous merchandise.

Big Concepts for Big Pharma

Medicine that matters packaged properly.
Breakthrough medications are only helpful if they come off the shelf and into the home. We understand the regulatory environment, and work with leading scientists and pharmaceutical companies to develop exciting packages that entice patients to try new treatment options.  Consumers find relief and so will you.

Big Concepts for Big Pharma

Selling ideas with compelling composition.
We break down complex concepts into beautiful infographics, brochures and tradeshow displays that lure your audience to glean the perfect message. Stand apart from your competitors with slick graphics, creative prose and outstanding data visualizations. We’ve pour our soul into the speedy delivery of marketing communications and collateral with unrivaled fervor.